Steamboat Marathon

Steamboat Marathon

Jun 3, 2018

Run alongside the roaring Elk River through the emerald green pastures on Country Road 129 with the snow-capped Rocky Mountains of Colorado all around and find out why the Steamboat Marathon was ranked as one of the "Top 10 Destination Marathons in North America."

About The Race

"The Steamboat Marathon is a unique combination of beautiful scenery and extraordinary people, which makes this race fun for everyone who participates,” says Paul Sachs, the Steamboat Marathon Race Director.

"Runners from all over the country look forward to the Steamboat Marathon because it is still a relatively small race with a hometown feel and it’s a race where every runner counts."

Runner's World chose the Steamboat Half to feature in it's Bucket List: 9 Destination Half Marathons.


Steamboat Marathon has teamed up with RaceJoy to bring online tracking in the palm of your hand! Run with your phone while the RaceJoy app tracks you along the course. GPS notifications at every mile give participants updates on their pace, elapsed time, and estimated finish time. Runners can even check the live map to see their distance from the next aid station. Supporting spectators can follow your progress and receive alerts when you are drawing near the finish line. With this technology, even your grandma in New York can partake in the fun! Download the RaceJoy app onto your smartphone and search for Steamboat Marathon. The best part, it's free!

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Steamboat Running Series

Steamboat Running Series

May 5 - Oct 27, 2018

The 2018 Steamboat Springs Running Series continues its dedication to the pursuit of running and bringing people together. This year's series includes miles of challenging runs from 400 yards to 100 miles, all on the spectacular Colorado terrain you've come to expect. Our races are for everyone, so come out for a great day whether you are a racer or a walker. It's an achievement to complete any of the courses, and many races will have prize drawings.


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